Welcome to DBDTools

At DBDtools, we are more than just engineers, we are passionate cyclists committed to revolutionizing the bike repair experience. Established in 2021, our journey began in 2020 when we identified a gap in the market for electric repair stands. As a result, we set out on a mission to craft the perfect lifting solution.

Our mission: Elevating bike repair

Our mission is simple: to provide professional tools for professional bike mechanics. As mechanical engineers, the three founders—Aleksander, Samo, and Jan—bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Aleksander, who once owned a bike shop, conceived the idea of electric repair stands. Together, we are dedicated to offering tools that stand the test of time, ensuring reliability, and addressing the genuine needs of mechanics. Our slogan encapsulates our commitment: Elevating Bike Repair.

Crafted in Slovenia, engineered for excellence

From the heart of Slovenia, our products are meticulously assembled, and most materials are locally sourced. Equipped with CNC machines, we take pride in crafting key components, such as the rotation mechanism for clamping, as well as other parts. This not only guarantees exceptional reliability but also ensures stringent quality control and the premium look of our stands.

From local to global:

In our first year, we focused on the domestic market in Slovenia. The second year saw our expansion across Europe and Australia. Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to unveil revolutionary products that will reshape the landscape of bike repair.

Customer-centric approach

At DBDtools, the customer is king. Before releasing any product, we subject it to rigorous testing with mechanics to ensure it meets the highest standards. Our commitment extends beyond the point of purchase—we offer guidance, spare parts, and unwavering support.

Innovative roots, global vision

Though we are still an innovative boutique company, our vision remains steadfast. As we grow, we pledge to maintain the same attention to detail and exceptional customer service that defines DBDtools.

Why work with Us?

Customer first

The majority of our products and technologies have been developed through close cooperation with you – bike mechanics. We listen to your requests and we are fast to implement them.

Employee owned

We are in control. We are 100% employee-owned and protected by outside acqusitions. We rely on our own people, their skills, energy and commitment. We are independent and plan to remain so. You can rely on us.

Made in EU

Our entire product portfolio is designed and manufactured in the heart of the European Union in our Slovenian headquarters. All manufacturing is carefully controlled to the highest quality standards.


We believe in the quality of our products. DBDtools offers 2 year guarantee on all our products. Your investment is thus protected for years!

Self financed

DBDtools is completly self financed, by the owners. Most of our yearly gross margin is reinvested in research and development of new products and manufacturing capacities.

Free support

We offer free worldwide and local support. There are no support contracts in place. If you have a problem, get in touch with us and our people will take care of you.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we're not just repairing bikes, we're elevating the entire experience.