A new standard for professional bike shops


E-Billy allows you to focus on your work. With advanced features and intuitive operation, it makes your workday easier, improving the quality of your service and taking care of your health.

  • Lifting capacity: 40 kg
  • Height: 215 cm
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 185 cm
  • Lifting Speed: 10 cm/s
  • Average Lift Time: 6 s
  • Weight: 87 kg (42 kg stand / 45 kg Base Plate)
  • Stainless steel
  • Anodized Aluminum 6082
  • POM-C Engineering plastic
  • Extruded Aluminum

Key Features:

  • Fastest electric repair stand at 10 cm/s
  • Automatic Operation with Limit Switch
  • Auto-stop
  • Custom made quick clamp mechanism
  • In-house developed quick release Rotation System
  • Endless height adjustments
  • Compatible with Add-Ons
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Key features

  • Fastest electric repair stand at 10 cm/s
  • Automatic Operation with Limit Switch 
  • Auto-Stop
  • Custom made Quick Clamp Mechanism
  • In-house developed Quick Release Rotation System
  • Endless height adjustments
  • Power Plug on top and bottom

E-Billy Basic

Ideal for small, well defined workshop where the workspace remains static. If you don’t mind anchoring E-Billy with eight screws to the floor, we highly recommend the entry-level E-Billy.
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  • E-Billy

E-Billy Premium

The ultimate workstation. It is for those who want it all, whether your business is small or large. If you want all the tools within arm’s reach, this is your selection. Servicing bikes has never been more efficient!
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  • E-Billy
  • Base plate
  • Add-Ons in the package:
  • Hinged Arm
  • Tool Tray
  • Part Tray
  • Towel Holder
    Clamp Extender

E-Billy Double

Double the productivity of the workshop by choosing E-Billy Double. Each stand is operated separately and it saves you valuable space. Ideal for workshops with two or more mechanics.
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  • E-Billy
  • E-Billy
    Base plate

E-Billy 1/2 Double

E-Billy ½ Double prepares you for the future growth. The most popular model for shops that plan for expansion in the future, whether it be couple of months or years. Simply add E-Billy Basic and you get E-Billy Double.
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  • E-Billy
  • Base plate
  • Second E-Billy NOT included


But how much time does it actually save you? 

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E-Billy is built with ergonomics in mind, offering endless height adjustments to help you find the perfect working position.

This allows for a comfortable work experience, reducing the strain on your back and neck during bike repairs. We understand the importance of a comfortable and enjoyable repair process, which is why we’ve designed our stands to provide you with maximum comfort and convenience.



Shipped almost completely assembled, E-Billy is designed to require minimal assembly and maintenance. This ensures you can spend more time on the only thing that matters at the end of the day – working on bikes.

Higher productivity


When you combine E-Billy’s market leading speed with its advanced features you get a stand, that’s unbeatable in terms of productivity. Automatic operation with built-in limit switches and Auto-Stop means there is no idle time while waiting for the bike to be lifted. Height adjustments during the repair process are also quick and encourage you to always position the bike perfectly for the task at hand.



The stand is crafted from the highest quality materials, ensuring unparalleled reliability and durability.

We believe that a product should not only work well, but last long too. That’s why we take great pride in designing the components for durability, so that you can trust them to perform well, even after years of use.


Health Benefits

Most businesses that buy electric repair stands know one crucial thing - the most important element of a business are the people in it. That’s why it is important to make the working environment of e-bike mechanics as comfortable and healthy as possible – and nowadays, every bike mechanic is an e-bike mechanic. E-Billy takes care of the hard work instead of your body, saving you lots of potential pain, and related to it, money. Invest in your health, it’s truly the most important investment anyone can make.


The missing piece:

Effortless, precise clamping and rotation

Yes, E-Billy can lift your bike above your head, but what about working on a hard to reach part of the bike? Use the 360° Rotation Mechanism of course!

Unlike anything else on the market, E-Billy’s rotation mechanism allows you to use it with one hand and minimal force. The internally and externally knurled and anodized surfaces combined with a long Rotation Handle allow for clamping with maximum friction with very little input force, while the precise fit of the inner clamp holder into the outer one ensures smooth rotation when the rotation mechanism is unlocked. All this is made possible by in-house CNC machining to ensure the highest quality, fit and finish of the entire assembly. 

The Rotation Mechanism isn’t the only advanced feature making mechanics’ lives better. The Quick-Release Mechanism gives the clamp 22mm of motion just by flipping it, without needing to turn the handle around the bolt axis. It features cam-actuated motion, reducing the movement required to clamp or unclamp a bike.

A spring between the clamp arms keeps the clamp open to the width you set it to, keeping the clamp arms from interfering with the seatpost during clamping and providing a firm feeling of engagement that a premium product like E-Billy requires.