DBDtools Clamping system

Mechanics favourite clamp 

In-house designed professional CNC made clamping system with Quick Release mechanism and 360 Rotation Mechanism 

Key Features:

  • Quick Release clamping system
  • 22 mm of cam-actuated movement
  • In-house developed Rotation Mechanism
  • CNC knurled surfaces for friction
  • Natural rubber pads
  • Oversized Rotation Handle
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Effortless, precise rotation and clamping

At the heart of every stand, manual or electric, lies the clamp. It’s the part of the repair stand that mechanics have the most contact with. It also make the biggest difference between bad, good and amazing stand. It is the cornerstone of every bike shops. That is why we spent the most amount of time perfecting and designing it. It won’t disappoint you! 

THE MISSING PIECE: Effortless, precise clamping and rotation 

Yes, E-Billy can lift your bike above your head, but what about working on a hard to reach part of the bike? Use the 360° Rotation Mechanism of course! 

Unlike anything else on the market, E-Billy’s rotation mechanism allows you to use it with one hand and minimal force. The internally and externally knurled and anodized surfaces combined with a long Rotation Handle allow for clamping with maximum friction with very little input force, while the precise fit of the inner clamp holder into the outer one ensures smooth rotation when the rotation mechanism is unlocked. All this is made possible by in-house CNC machining to ensure the highest quality, fit and finish of the entire assembly. 

The Rotation Mechanism isn’t the only advanced feature making mechanics’ lives better. The Quick-Release Mechanism gives the clamp 22mm of motion just by flipping it, without needing to turn the handle around the bolt axis. It features cam-actuated motion, reducing the movement required to clamp or unclamp a bike. 

A spring between the clamp arms keeps the clamp open to the width you set it to, keeping the clamp arms from interfering with the seatpost during clamping and providing a firm feeling of engagement that a premium product like E-Billy requires.