The story of how
we started our journey

A group of friends driven by innovation and excellence.

Aleksander, Samo and Jan are going to high school together
Aleksander and Samo discover mountain biking and start riding bike parks. Being students, they learn to work on their own bikes, showing great interest in mechanical designs and improvement of function
All three start attending the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, successfully finishing in 2018
Aleksander spends the summer in the USA, working in a bike shop in Park City, Utah. Samo picks up electronics and programming as a side hobby and Jan continues his studies at the school of economics and business
Aleksander opens a part-time bike service shop back home in Slovenia, while working on CNC machines as a main source of income. Samo works at XpanD 3D, helping to develop both mechanical and electronic systems for various products in the cinema industry.
In August, the idea of E-Billy is born while lifting an E-bike into a stand. The idea is immediately researched and refined into a Minimum Viable Product.
By January, the first protoype version is developed, by June the refined prototype is sent to a big service shop for evaluation and feedback.
With a year worth of testing and improving, E-Billy is selling domestically while production and customer support are being optimized for sales abroad. With the attendence of Eurobike, E-Billy starts to sell throughout Europe
We are in the process of expanding to global markets, looking for partners to help us reach customers all across the World, while making mechanics' jobs easier